Story Telling

Justin, The Bad Smell Octopus

        Once upon a time, there was an octopus living in the ocean. She could spread red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet ink. She used to be called "Nisyun". She had friends named Munaroh, Ocid and Justin.
        One day,  Nisyun invited her friends to play together. The game was about their ink. The rule was each of them must spread their ink. The first role was played by Nisyun. Her ink was colorful like a rainbow and it’s smell  was sweet like the smell of fruit . Her friends were amazed. Then,  the game was resumed. Munaroh released ink colored pink, purple and red. It had smell like a jasmine, and it was very fragrant. And furthermore, Ocid released blue, green, and orange ink. It had smell like the smell of leaves which were very refreshing. After that, the next turn was Justin. Justin spread his ink which had black and grayish color and fishy smell. His friends coughed and said that they did not want to be friends again with Justin. They worried if they still made friends with Justin, they would catch the smell anytime. Then, they kept away from Justin.        Until one day, Hammerhead Shark suddenly came. Hammerhead Shark was the most feared sharks. He looked very hungry, and he found the octopus playing together. There were three octopus; Nisyun, Munaroh and Ocid. Hammerhead Shark chased them. They had spread their ink to Hammerhead Shark, but it made Hammerhead Shark try more to chase them. Finally, Justin came to help them. Justin released his ink that had fishy smell which made Hammerhead Shark felt dizzy. And then Hammerhead Shark was gone.        His friends were very grateful to Justin. They regret for hurting Justin a moment ago. They also apologized and invited Justin to play with them again.

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